Tiny Door Makeovers

Have you seen our tiny crew out working on the Krog tunnel or skatepark doors? Doors #1 and  #2 underwent some major renovations just in time for Spring. An entire house was constructed around the Krog door. Check out the nods to Reynoldstown and Grant Park in the house design.

Door #1, Krog Street

Door #1, Krog Street

Door #2 by the O4W Skatepark on the BeltLine was removed and replaced with an entirely new door.  Although most of our visitors are not only respectful of the doors but also tend to the doors by leaving gifts and cleaning up the porch, the door by the skatepark has endured some kicking.  At first the damage gave the door a worn look, which fit with the area.  When a piece of the door eventually came loose, we knew the door needed to be removed and replaced.  To give us a little time to design a new door and to respond to the person kicking the door, we covered the door in sparkling hearts! The hearts were also seasonal, affixed to the door just before Valentine’s Day.

A couple of weeks later, we installed a brand new door.  The picture on the bottom left shows the new door next to the original, damaged door.

O4W Timeline

Creating and installing doors is a big part of this project, but door maintenance is just as important.  After all, don’t we all want neighbors with curb appeal?


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