Door #1: Krog Street Tunnel

July 2014 – Moved and Replaced July 2017

Located on an outside column of the Krog Street Tunnel, this door was the first Tiny Doors ATL installation. We selected the tunnel for Door #1 a few reasons. Firstly because Krog is an active street art location and we hoped this project would be one other artists would respond to in some way. Secondly because our tiny headquarters is in Reynoldstown, and we love seeing it evolve every day. We added the hashtag #TinyDoorsATL hoping people would upload photos to social media as a way of documenting not only the door itself, but also their responses to the door.

People not only noticed the door, but also began leaving tiny gifts on the stoop. A very small to go box from a popular neighborhood restaurant, The Flying Biscuit, appeared on the doorʼs front porch. A tiny Atlanta Journal-Constitution left by Scoop Callahan documented the buffing of the tunnel. A miniature pumpkin appeared around Halloween. FAFATL artists began using the door as a drop site for art. We were thrilled!

The murals around Door #1 change a few times a year and feature local artists. In addition to tiny murals painted by Karen Anderson, the principal artist of Tiny Doors ATL, Door #1 murals have also been painted by Kate Bush, Catlanta, R. Land, sQuishypuss, and Lucy Ricketts.

Door #2: Old Fourth Ward Skatepark on the BeltLine

November 2014 – Moved and Replaced April 2016

We selected a very active pedestrian area for Door #2, the Freedom Parkway overpass by the O4W Skatepark. The BeltLine has developed a reputation for appreciating arts and encouraging Atlantans to explore their city, so adding a Tiny Door to the BeltLine was an easy choice. Although the mirrors around the door remain, the original door #2 has actually been completely removed and replaced due to damage.

This door, like most others, stays locked and does not open. (Hint: Door #10E will open!) Regular maintenance is a vital part of the project. You can read about renovations to Door #2 on our blog or look through tagged images on Instagram for the play by play.

Door #3: Inman Park Pet Works

December 2014 – Replaced Aug. 2016

Some of our favorite tagged images are of dogs in front of Tiny Doors! Door #3 is in front of a pet store called Inman Park Pet Works. This door features a doggie door and a bulletin board for tiny announcements. We want each door to fit into its surroundings, and to be a reflection of the neighborhood.

Door #4: Little Shop of Stories

January 2015

Tiny Doors ATL hopes to inspire curiosity and exploration. We were delighted to work with Little Shop of Stories in Decatur Square for Door #4 because books are also all about curiosity and exploration. The Atlanta Journal Constitution noticed our project and asked for the exclusive on our installation for an article in their arts section. The reporter, Jill Vejnoska, found out about Tiny Doors ATL because she happened to notice Door #2 while walking by it one day on the BeltLine. Door #4 also features a miniature book case with doors that open to reveal a jungle scene. C. S. Lewis had a wardrobe. We have a bookcase!

Door #5: The Tree Door


Nicknamed the “tree door,” this project was a collaboration with Trees Atlanta in celebration of Arbor Day. Located on the PATH Trail near the Carter Center, Tiny Door #5 is the first door to actually open! Visitors have left tiny offerings in the space behind the door, including flowers, figurines, and even cash! This particular American Elm was selected because Trees Atlanta advised us we would not harm the tree if we nailed into the heavy bark exterior. We utilized some of the bark naturally shed by the tree to create a roof. The door is orange to reflect the color of Georgia red clay around the tree.

Door #6: Paris on Ponce

April 2015

Our second door on the BeltLine is just outside of Paris on Ponce near the Eiffel Tower. We hosted a tiny ribbon cutting ceremony where Rosie cut a red ribbon to officially open the door. WABE, Atlantaʼs NPR station, covered the opening of Door #6 in a radio segment and short video. For this door, we researched old French style doors and had the opportunity to use an ornate style door that contrasts with the style of our previous doors. We also landscaped the area around the door, creating the feeling of a front porch.

Door #7: Charis Books & More

May 2015 -Replaced Feb. 2016

This door leads you to a significant site in Atlanta, the Southʼs oldest independent feminist bookstore. Stop by, ask for a book recommendation, and check out the full calendar of programs. Youʼll quickly find out why Charis was an easy choice for a door. In January pf 2016, after 8 months of weather, Door 7 was worse for wear, but her roof was still strong! In early 2016 we created a replica of the door for our mould and cast making process and used the original shingles for the mould. The door you are looking at today is cast in resin, but has echoes of the original door. Little 5 Points is full of constantly changing street art for you to check out as you find your way to Door #7.

Door #8: Milltown Arms Tavern

December 2015 – Renovated Aug. 2016

The culmination of our successful Brick Campaign, Door #8 is special because it features messages from over 200 individuals and businesses who donated to Tiny Doors ATL. The words engraved on the bricks range from the names of your family members and dogs to significant dates and causes. One brick is written in braille and if you look near the top left of the door you will even find a marriage proposal. (She said yes!)

Door #9: King of Pops

March 2016

This tiny door can be found 15 feet from the famous King of Pops walkup window. It has its very own tiny sandwich board and sidewalk. The door also features a tiny mural painted by artist Chris Veal, the original painter of the larger mural on the same wall! We stop by weekly and change the message on the tiny sandwich board (and we like to have a pop while weʼre at it). See those chocolate stains on the sidewalk? So may tiny friends stop by every week with their melting pops that we canʼt keep the sidewalk clean! We like to think of it as a compliment. :)

Door #10E: Grant Park Tree Door

September 2016

By serendipity, this door is reminiscent of the shape of Georgia. The colors were inspired by red clay and green lichen on nearby tree branches. This door is located on the highest natural point in the city. Come check out the view!

Door #10W: Grant Park

September 2016

You can find this door on the west side of the park. If you visit this door on a Sunday between April and mid December, you will also find yourself at the tasty Grant Park Farmer's Market! We love the sunburst address marker, iconic to homes in the area.

Door #11: Center for Puppetry Arts

March 2017

This door and its tiny ramp can be found at the Center for Puppetry Arts! At Tiny Doors ATL, our mission is to create free, public, and accessible art for everyone to enjoy. When the Center for Puppetry Arts applied for a door we were excited. (I mean, Big Bird lives there!). When we found out their building is made of special stucco that can't handle adhesives, we were puzzled about how to continue until someone suggested using a mini version of the Center's iconic ramp to anchor the door. Brilliant!! We think about wheelchair and stroller accessibility when choosing door locations. What better way to show that tiny doors are for everyone than to make sure everyone can get in! Door 11 is ready whenever you are, Tiny Friends!


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