Augmented Reality is here!

To watch these doors open using augmented reality:
• Open vour Instagram
app, search @tinydoorsatl
and tap the star symbol in the middle of the screen
• Select the filter with the door you're in front of and then tap "try It",
• When vour camera opens, point it at the door!

Door #1: Krog Street Tunnel

July 2014 – Moved and Replaced June 2022

Originally located on an outside wall of the Krog Street Tunnel, this door was the first Tiny Doors ATL installation. We selected the tunnel for Door #1 a few reasons. Most importantly, Krog is an active street art location and we hoped this project would be one other artists would respond to in some way. In 2014, we first painted the hashtag #TinyDoorsATL by this door hoping people would upload photos to social media as a way to document not only the door itself, but also an active response to the door.

People noticed the door, and to our surprise, began leaving tiny gifts on the stoop. A very small to-go box from a popular neighborhood restaurant, The Flying Biscuit, appeared on the doorʼs front porch. A tiny Atlanta Journal-Constitution left by Scoop Callahan documented the buffing of the tunnel. A miniature pumpkin appeared around Halloween. FAFATL artists began using the door as a drop site for art. We were thrilled!

Years later, Door 1 has evolved to a new spot on Wylie Street as a part of our Atlanta Beltline Summer Exhibition! The design reflects the architecture of the Krog Tunnel, honoring the original location. It also features a tiny tiny door that represents a long-running collaboration with artists Lotus Eaters Club.

To watch the TINY Tiny Door come to life:

1. Download "lotus eaters club" app on Google play or iTunes 

2. Choose Tiny Doors ATL

3. Aim at door or sticker and watch all four animations currently available.

To see Door 1 for yourself, look between the two murals on Wylie Street that were created in conjunction with Forward, Warrior!! Mural Project and Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. This location is only 100 yards from the door’s original spot! 

Shout out to our friends who painted the murals on either side: Lela Brunet Raymond (@lelabrunetart) on the left and Janice Rago (@janiceragoart) on the right!

Door #2: Old Fourth Ward Skatepark on the BeltLine

November 2014

We selected a very active pedestrian area for Door #2, the Freedom Parkway overpass by the O4W Skatepark. Although the mirrors around the door remain, the original door #2 has actually been completely removed and replaced due to damage. The rainbow was added after the door’s original construction in honor of Atlanta PRIDE, and the rainbow has become our longest running design (even inspiring our logo!)

As part of our Summer Exhibition with Art on the Beltline, we are excited to introduce augmented reality features to Door 2! Follow along on Instagram to try it out.

To see Door 2 for yourself, parking is available at Old Fourth Ward Skate Park - 830 Willoughby Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Once there, head across the field to the overpass along the Beltline! 

Door #3: Inman Park Pet Works

December 2014 – Replaced Aug. 2016

Some of our favorite tagged images are of dogs in front of Tiny Doors! Door #3 is in front of a pet store called Inman Park Pet Works. This installation features a doggie door and a bulletin board for tiny announcements. We want each door to fit into its surroundings and to be a reflection of the neighborhood. 

Over the years, folks have left many miniature bulletins including posters for Snoop Dogg (get it?) and Blue’s Clues. Tiny animals and packages have also appeared. This door was the longest-lasting wooden door, and was replaced with a resin replica in 2018.

Here's some tiny trivia- that dog butt is actually a cat butt!

To see Door 3 for yourself, visit Inman Park Pet Works at 914 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Door #4: Little Shop of Stories

January 2015

From the window outside of the store, you can peer into our tiny library. The book titles are from the imaginations of our tiny friends, who sponsored a book by donating to Tiny Doors ATL. The tiny library was installed in January 2018.

To see Door 4 for yourself, visit the Little Shop of Stories at 133 E Court Square # A, Decatur, GA 30030

Door #5: Stumpery Garden

February 2015 - Redesigned and Relocated June 2022

As part of our Summer Exhibition with Art on the Beltline, we are bringing back Tiny Door 5 in 2022! Just like the 2015 original, this door was created in partnership with Trees Atlanta, and is now being featured in their Stumpery Garden. As a Tiny Doors ATL original is evolving, we brought back the classic burnt orange color, but innovated the door by placing it into a hand-sculpted acorn, reflective of the arborous space. The augmented reality features associated with this door provide interactive ways to learn about the local tree canopy, which you can check out on Instagram! 

To see Door 5 for yourself, visit the Extension Trail within the Trees Atlanta Stumpery Garden, which is off of Kirkwood AVE SE and Kenyon St SE.

Door #6: Eastside Trail

May 2015 - Redesigned and Relocated June 2022

Door 6 was originally installed in May of 2015, and it was beloved by tiny friends everywhere. After a fire at its location, Paris on Ponce, the door was retired. That is, until now! As part of our Summer Exhibition with Art on the Beltline, Door 6 is back and better than ever, in a new location with a reimagined, yet familiar, design. Along the Eastside trail featured in a custom bench by artist Ira Hill, the French inspiration and signature red color of Door 6 has returned.

Fun fact: at the original Door 6, a Tiny Doors themed marriage proposal took place in 2018. She said yes!

To see Door 6 for yourself, visit the section of the Eastside Trail overlooking Ponce De Leon, near Ponce City Market.

Door 7: 7 Stages Theatre

October 2019

Greeted by llamas, cake, beer, and some fantastic Tiny Friends, Door #7 has returned to Little (tiny) Five Points. Thank you @7stagesatl for helping us make our way back into Little 5! The marquee is interchangeable and we're excited to update it for upcoming shows.

To see Door 7 for yourself, visit the theatre in Little 5 Points at 1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Door #8: Milltown Arms Tavern

December 2015

The culmination of our successful Brick Campaign, Door #8 is special because it features messages from over 200 individuals and businesses who donated to Tiny Doors ATL. The words engraved on the bricks range from the names of your family members and dogs to significant dates and causes. This door also reflects the surrounding colors of Cabbagetown. 

Fun fact: One of the bricks is written in Braille, AND, if you look near the top left of the door you will even find a marriage proposal…. She said yes right in the parking lot!

To see Door 8 for yourself, visit the Tavern at 180 Carroll St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Look to the planters along the side of the building that complement the outdoor seating area! 

Door #9: King of Pops

March 2016

This tiny door can be found 15 feet from the famous King of Pops walkup window. It has its very own tiny sandwich board and sidewalk. The door also features a tiny mural painted by artist Chris Veal, the original painter of the larger mural on the same wall! See those chocolate stains on the sidewalk? So many tiny friends stop by every week with their melting pops that we canʼt keep the sidewalk clean! We take it as a compliment. :)

To see Door 9 for yourself, visit King of Pops at 337 Elizabeth St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. (It’s actually just across Freedom Parkway and down the trail from Door 2!)

Door #10E: Grant Park Tree Door

September 2016

Door #10E is currently the only door that opens! By serendipity, this door is reminiscent of the shape of Georgia. The colors were inspired by red clay and green lichen on nearby tree branches. This door is located on the highest natural point in the city. Come check out the view!

To see Door 10E for yourself, park in the Gateway garage (759 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30308) and follow the Grant Park Trail up the hill. If you’re coming from the garage, look to the bases of trees on your right side as you reach the top of the incline! 

Door #10W: Grant Park

September 2016

Door 10W is in Grant Park, and is designed to reflect the architecture of the Grant Park neighborhood (see the tiny transom and sunburst house number?), it was installed in September of 2016 at the invitation of residents of the neighborhood and the park itself. On ribbon cutting day it poured rain, but a troop of Girl Scouts still came out to sing us an original song they'd written about tiny doors. Such a special moment! ☔

If you visit this door on a Sunday between April and mid December, you will also find yourself at the tasty Grant Park Farmers Market! 

To see Door 10W for yourself, park along Cherokee Avenue near the Milledge Fountain (574 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30308) OR park in the Gateway Garage and follow walking signs to the westside of the park.

Door #11: Center for Puppetry Arts

March 2017

This door and its tiny ramp can be found at the Center for Puppetry Arts! At Tiny Doors ATL, our mission is to create free, public, and accessible art for everyone to enjoy. When the Center for Puppetry Arts applied for a door we were excited. (I mean, Big Bird lives there!) When we found out their building is made of special stucco that can't handle adhesives, we were puzzled about how to continue until someone suggested using a mini version of the Center's iconic ramp to anchor the door. Brilliant!! We think about wheelchair and stroller accessibility when choosing door locations. What better way to show that tiny doors are for everyone than to make sure everyone can get in! Door 11 is ready whenever you are, Tiny Friends! Can you see the face in the door?

To see Door 11 for yourself, visit the Center for Puppetry Arts at 1404 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309. The door is along the iconic ramp leading up to the main entrance inside the gated parking area!

Door #12: Westside Trail

September 2017 - Redesigned June 2022

We are so excited to introduce the reimagined version of Door 12 as part of Art on the Beltline’s Summer Exhibition! At the core of Tiny Doors ATL is a commitment to creating installations reflective of their surrounding neighborhoods. We met with students at KIPP STRIVE and KIPP WAYS Academies to hear what young local residents had to say about their community. Their guidance is evident through this new installation, which features artistic representations of the West End neighborhood created by KIPP STRIVE students, displayed inside a classic boombox. You can enjoy the student’s artwork by interacting with our new augmented reality features, available on Instagram! 

To see Door 12 for yourself, visit the section of the Westside trail that backs up to KIPP Academy at 1448 Lucile Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Door #13: Piedmont Plaza

September 2016 - Redesigned and Relocated June 2022

Although it was originally installed as a temporary piece for the Atlanta Beltline, Tiny Door 13 under the Virginia Avenue Bridge quickly became a fan favorite in 2016. When the original location was renovated, the piece was retired. We are so excited that its legacy lives on in the new version of Door 13, part of our Summer Exhibition with Art on the Beltline! This reimagining reflects the original installation’s classic 6-panel door style and bright pink color. New elements include sculptural dogwood flowers inspired by its location near the entrance to Piedmont Park. (To honor the namesake, there are 13 of them!) 

To see Door 13 for yourself, come from the Eastside Trail, along the Monroe street entrance.

Door #14: EAV Farmers Market

July 12, 2018

Have you played in the playground and garden in front of Tiny Door #14? We love it! We try to feature something new and interactive at every door. A living garden felt perfect for the East Atlanta Farmers Market! The reveal of this door coincided with our FOURTH birthday! Karen Anderson Singer, the Director of Tiny Doors ATL, was caught by surprise during the party and given a Tiny Key to the City by Representative Natalyn Archibong! Atlanta, you are the best.

To see Door 14 for yourself, visit the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market at 572 Stokeswood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Door #15: Fox Theatre

November 2018

For years we've dreamed of installing a door at Atlanta's historic Fox Theater. A landmark in ATL art culture since the late 1920s, "The Fox" as it's called by locals even unknowingly hosted Prince's final concert. Sponsored by the Atlanta Ballet and located on the building's iconic box office, installing Door #15 at such an important ATL landmark was a dream come true. Our goal was to respect and reflect the space, adding something as close to worthy as we could get!  

Fun fact: There’s an exact replica of this door in the green room backstage. The stairs below it have a worn-in backstage feel instead of the marble staircase. The door is often shared to Instagram and twitter by talent performing at the Fox.

To see Door 15 for yourself, look to the box office at the Fox - 660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Door #16: State Farm Arena

April 2019

Tiny Door #16 is between the "T" and the "L" on the front face of State Farm Arena. Although this new door is on the massive arena, it's still free to visit, public, wheelchair and public transit accessible, and made for absolutely everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the @atlhawks for believing in this tiny project, and helping to bring this dream to life. 

To see Door 16 for yourself, look between the letters of the giant “Atlanta” face of the arena at 1 State Farm Dr, Atlanta, GA 30303

Tiny Door 17: Woodruff Park

August 2019

The Woodruff Park door was designed to reflect the angles of the skyline and the green space of @woodruffpark. We're so excited to share it with you! Thank you to Woodruff Park and Atlanta's Department of Parks for the opportunity to design a door for this epic location!

To see Door 17 for yourself, enter Woodruff Park near the International Peace Fountain (89 Park Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30303) and look along the bottom of the structure! 

Door 18: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

September 2019

This tiny door has plenty of keys and took about 55 hours to create, including 15 hours on the 40 sq ft mural. Thank you @janiceragoart for fantastic mural assistance! Symphony musicians and visitors alike will pass Door 18 on their way to Symphony Hall at the @woodruffartscenter. The door is also higher than most, so that it's easy to reach for folks in fancy symphony outfits and wheelchair accessible as always. 

To see Door 18 for yourself, visit the Woodruff Arts Center (1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309) and head outside, near the main entrance to Symphony Hall. There is a parking garage on the property!

Door 20 : Kirkwood

August 2020

Tiny Door 20 happily captures the essence of the Kirkwood neighborhood! Including classic elements such as train tracks and faux stone, we are so happy with how this door came together! Thank you to the Kirkwood Neighbors Association and the Park Pride Community Building Grant funded by the Home Depot Foundation for bringing this door to life with us.

Fun Fact: The color of Door 20 was determined by Kirkwood neighbors and our Instagram followers! It was so fun to get community input, and the vote was actually so close that we found a way to incorporate the second place color, lilac, into the design as well!

To see Door 20 for yourself, visit the end of Coan Park that runs along Anniston Avenue SE

Door 21 : Atlantic Station

October 2020

Located on the new Atlantic Green at Atlantic Station, Tiny Door 21 is just a block away from the Tiny Doors ATL Studio! We are so excited to call Atlantic Station home as its Artist in Residence. This piece reflects the Atlanta skyline and is one of our largest builds yet! 

To see Door 21 for yourself, park in the Atlantic Station garage (1380 Atlantic Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30363) and head to the center of the commercial space to the Atlantic Green. Door 21 is along the green near Hobnob Tavern!

TINY DOOR 22: Atlantic Station

November 2021

Located on Atlantic Drive in Atlantic Station, Tiny Door 22 is on the same street as the Tiny Doors ATL Studio!

To see Door 22 for yourself, park in the Atlantic Station garage (1380 Atlantic Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30363) and head to the center of the commercial space to the Atlantic Green. Door 25 is on the ivy wall across the street from Publix on Atlantic Drive.

Door #23: Jackson Street Bridge

April 2023

Tiny Door 23 overlooks the Atlanta skyline from the iconic Jackson Street Bridge. The door itself is based on Grady Hospital architecture, and the path represents the many trails, including the Atlanta BeltLine. The airplane nods to Hartsfield Jackson Internation Airport, a portal connecting Atlanta to the world. Of course, the many trees reflect Atlanta's status as the "City in the Forest".
To watch the door open using augmented reality:
Open your Instagram app, search @tinydoorsatl and tap the three star symbol in the middle of the screen.
Select the filter with a photo of this installation,
then tap "try it.” When your camera opens, point it at the door!
This installation was commissioned in honor of the iconic Ann Curry, who was instrumental in the “Save Grady” campaign, awarded as a “Tree Champion” award served as a connector of so many people and big ideas in our great city.

Door #24: Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Tiny Door 24 is located both outside AND inside the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Chester Ave SE. Inside the store you'll find a bookcase with a Tiny Door. Outside is a vinyl Tiny Door -  step up and look inside!  This unique installation has a ton to see! 

TINY DOOR 25: Eclipse Pond Bridge


Tiny Door 25 can be found on the Eclipse Pond Bridge in Atlantic Station. It's walkable to the two other doors in the neighborhood. A great way to spend an afternoon!

Door #658: Giant Door

March 2019

Door #658 (it's 658 times the size of a tiny door!) is located on the Eastside Beltline Trail. It's so big that it will make YOU feel tiny! This Door debuted as the "Not So Tiny Door" at Hotel Indigo Midtown during the Super Bowl of 2019. Today, the updated version of the door lives at the Edge OTB and is ready for your visit!

To see Door #658 for yourself, visit the Edge OTB (670 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312) and head behind the giant bull sculpture near the shake shack. If you’re there, you really can’t miss it!

Aquarium Door

May 2018

This door is lucky enough to call the Georgia Aquarium home! Kanoni the penguin and a lovely box turtle stopped by for the unveiling of the door, along with some excited human visitors! The door took about 50 hours to create and install, with every piece of coral made by hand. 

This door is public, all ages, and wheelchair accessible! This door will not be given a number because we require numbered doors to be free to visit at any time of day. You can visit this door with museum admission. You can also find it on our map!

To see the Aquarium Door for yourself, look for the Ocean Voyager section of the Atrium. There’s a Whale Shark sculpture hanging from the ceiling; when you find it, look down and you’ve found the door! (225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313)

Swan House Door

September 2018

The Atlanta History Center invited us to create a piece to reflect one of Atlanta's best known doors. Maybe you've seen it in The Hunger Games or other films? This tiny door lives in a tree on the grounds, with views of the full-sized Swan House door included. This door was a long time in the making, culminating in our longest installation ever. We're so excited to finally share it with you! 

To see the Swan House Door for yourself, look to the trees on the property. The door is nestled along the front of the path that leads to the right side of the house at the base of the steps.

Tiny Doors at Centennial Olympic Park

Check out this collaboration with Lotus Eaters Club on the Visitor's Center at Centennial Olympic Park - there are THREE doors to spot within the piece! This is an exciting creation made by a collaboration with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Center, and, of course, our friends at Lotus Eaters Club!

To see these doors and mural for yourself, look to the visitors center at Centennial Olympic Park - 267 Park Ave W NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Atlanta Botanical Garden

December 2021

The Atlanta Botanical Garden Door was one of our first major projects coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and has quickly grown to become a fan favorite. With its hand-sculpted florals and all-around elegance, we can’t blame you! This door will not be given a number because we require numbered doors to be free to visit at any time of day. You can access this door with botanical garden admission. You can also find it on our map!

Fun fact: it's double-sided so that you can find it from any angle!

To see this door for yourself, visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden - 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Once inside the garden, head to the Conservancy and you can find this door along the Vine Arbor path!

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